Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?

Your project sponsor catches you just before you leave for the day and say, “Oh, and you know that invoicing module?  Will you make sure it does currency conversion for our international accounts?”  This is the fifth change to the requirements for the invoicing module this week – and it is only Wednesday.  Last week your sponsor said that the module only had to cope with national accounts.

On your way back to your desk after lunch, the Sales Manager stops you in the corridor.  “We’ve done some focus groups with customers,” she says, “and here’s what they want from the database.”  She hands you a long list.  “Mostly new stuff, but these two are just rewriting some reports.  You can do it all for the launch day, can’t you?” The reports had already been written.  How are you going to tell the development team that they would have to do it all again?  The changes don’t even look that important.

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